i4EU Key competences for an European model of Industry 4.0
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Industry 4.0 Competence Meter

Are you really ready to move into Industry 4.0? Do you want to evaluate your level of maturity to adopt the Industry 4.0 technologies and methodologies? This is the right place!

In order to change their processes, companies need to be aware of the digital competences and their level of maturity towards the Industry 4.0 technologies and models. Often they are not able to self-assess their skill and ask for a support to external experts, such as consultants, incubators, chambers of commerce, etc.

The I4EU project wants to provide a self-assessment tool, open access and designed according to the trans-national competences of the project partnership. The Competence Meter performs a multidimensional analysis of the users’ digital skills according to four different dimensions: Technology, People, Organization, Business. The tool assesses the level of maturity with respect to each of the assessed dimensions and estimates the distance with respect to the “ideal” level of maturity needed to successfully implement Industry 4.0 models. Then, the tool provides Recommendations useful to fill the eventual gap of competences.

Note: the Competence Meter is a self-assessment tool, designed to support the companies in a process of self-awareness of its digital skills and competences. It is not intended to replace the work of a consultant who, working in the field, can provide tailored solutions to the specific needs of each company.

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